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Awaken Your Inner Guidance


Empowering The Human Experience



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This PDF will give you all the instructions you need to get you started and tell you what you’ll need in order to have a great workshop experience.

This super easy to follow meditation will bring you into a peaceful, balanced, grounded state, and raise your vibration.

You’re going to love this beautiful Relaxation Journey! Enter a deep state of relaxation, expand your imagination, and reconnect to your heart. It’s easy and effortless!

Our preparation materials are designed to raise your vibration and help open your connection to Spirit so by the time the workshop begins you will be ready to go!

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To creating a team of Spiritual Advisors that will keep you connected to your own unique Inner Guidance!

Awaken Your Inner Guidance

Imagine, finally being able to access all the Infinite Guidance and Wisdom you will ever need to transform all areas of your life.

Being able to live authentically and fearlessly from a place of self love and inner peace. Finally feeling Free to be YOU.

You will become your own source of guidance and learn to master your own existence as your awareness expands day by day.


And you’re going to get lots of support from your personal instructor with all your class assignments. We make sure you get to where you need to be!


By the time you finish this workshop you will have a solid connection to an amazing team of Spiritual Advisors. Not only will this divine guidance help you to transform all areas of your life, but you will enter a process of expansion that will continue to serve you forever.

For taking this huge transformational leap!


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